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Gregory L., UK, Birmingham

In What Cases Do Professional Research Paper Writers Use Induction and Deduction?

Induction and deduction are the two methods which are widely used in research paper writing, but in what cases you can use deductive and in which ones should you use inductive methods? This question bothers many students, so Professional Research Paper Writers decided to help.

Professional Research Paper Writers Information On Deductive And Inductive Reasoning

As the name suggests, deductive means that you have to start out with some kind of a theory, then come up with a certain hypothesis, develop an experiment or find some evidence that will support your hypothesis and then make a confirmation of your hypothesis based on obtained results. Inductive method is the opposite of deductive and is based on observation. In other words, if you are using inductive method of research paper writing, you start with an observation. Once you have discovered some kind of a pattern, you can make a hypothesis and then, if your pattern has been proved, move to a theory or some generalization.

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Professional Research Paper Writers Advice On Using Inductive And Deductive Methods

Professional Research Paper Writers agree that these two methods significantly differ as inductive reasoning is more open-ended and exploratory while deductive reasoning is narrow in nature and is rather based on testing or confirming certain hypotheses. Even though these two methods differ, it is difficult to use only one of them at a time, because even in the most constrained experiment, the researchers may observe certain patterns that may lead them to developing new theories. Professional Research Paper Writers think that it is only up to you as a writer as to what method of reasoning to choose and it should be based mainly on the topic of your paper and on the point you have to prove.


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