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How Do Professional Research Paper Writers Refer to Figures?

referring to figures in research paper help

When writing a research paper, you may need to present some graphical information in a form of a figure, table or a chart, so you have to organize it properly or you will lose marks. Students oftentimes have difficulty referring to figures in their research papers, so Professional Research Paper Writers decided to help.

Professional Research Paper Writers Provide Information on How to Refer to Figures

First of all, Professional Research Paper Writers agree that figures are very good at presenting information as illustrations are very easy to understand and follow; however you should keep in mind and when presenting a figure in your research paper, you should refer to it in the text and list it on the same page where you mentioned it or, if it doesn’t fit, at the top of the next page. Prior to listing a figure, you should discuss the information you are about to present and write something like: “As can be seen from Figure 1.2” or “As shown on Figure 2.2” with numbers being first – chapter number and second – figure number in that particular chapter. Also, Professional Research Paper Writers stress on the importance of naming all of the figures presented in your research paper and, if some data is unclear, providing a brief description of that information.

Importance of the Tables and Figures in a Research Paper

Are figures and tables necessary when writing your research paper? Can we entirely do without either figures or tables when conducting a research? The answer is a clear and emphatic Yes for question one and No for question two respectively.

Importance of Tables:

  • Tables help to break down data gathered from the field into manageable and easy to understand clusters.
  • It makes it easier to identify and measure differences, relativity, and correlation between all phenomenon in the study.
  • It helps to organize the data for better interpretation.
  • Tables come in Roman numerals and make it easy to understand the research data.

Importance of Figures:

  • Using figures makes it possible to measure a phenomenon or population.
  • It helps in dividing the population into units of analysis.
  • Figures help to determine the actual value of each variable in the research.
  • With figures in a research, you can quantify the result or outcomes of a research by displaying the relationship between variables.
  • Figures can use visual aids to tell a story better in the form of photos, illustrations, pie chart, and drawings.
  • Figures help to identify patterns that lead to theories or generalization.
  • It helps create a basis for ranking or creating a chronological order for a research work.
  • It helps in creating a structure for understanding the methods deployed conducting the research.
  • Figures allow for consistency and predictability of the research process and outcomes.

The incorporation of tables and figures can help strengthen the value of the research work and make it easier to read. Therefore the researcher needs to apply them appropriately.

Top 10 Tips on How to Refer to Figures in Research Paper

The effective use of figures in a research paper can go a long way to determine how easy it would be for someone to read and understand the paper without much stress.

Beginning from the manuscript here is how to make use of figures for a research paper:

  • Make use of straightforward and easy to understand figures. Some persons would first go through the figures and tables before reading the text.
  • It is best to make reference to a figure presented in your work using the text to call attention and draw the relevance or importance of such details. For instance, figure 3 identifies the role of men in children upbringing reflecting 35% involvement.
  • Ensure there is a synergy between the text, tables and figures always in terms of the presentation of values and details.
  • Try to use clear titles and not vague or concealed texts. Let each label serve the actual purpose to make it precise and concise.
  • Avoid repetition by merging similar terms or figures. Repetition for figures could create some confusion.
  • Remember to check for guidelines and instructions for the use of figures and number of figures allowed as provided by your institution or journal.
  • When you intend creating the relationship, trends and current patterns between datasets for data or patterns with less relevance to the actual data value the, graphs and data plots could be more appropriate.
  • When all you seek is to do a summary of the research data you could use pie charts, data plots and graphs.
  • If you need to explain geographic or physical features, sequence of events, etc. then make use of photographs, images, maps and schematic diagrams.
  • Where the researcher has so many figures to attend then it’s best to organize them into a list of figures with the corresponding page number to make for easy identification.

Expert Advice on Referring to Figures in Research

When it comes to dealing with figures in a research paper it is not a matter of necessity but they help to simplify and give the research paper a higher standard. You can have all texts in a research paper but not all figures and the paper would still be valid. However, use figures for research paper thus:

  • One of the significant ways to use figure for a research paper is by aid of the title. Place the title at the top of the table to make it easier to locate. Make use of numbers with descriptive captions or titles.
  • Keys make it easy to understand the interactions between points or bars on the table therefore use succinct keys possibly with varied colours to differentiate.
  • The use of images helps to simplify the data as well. To make it effective take note of the size, sharpness of the visuals and image resolutions.
  • Employ the use of superscript at specific locations of the figure and notes to give clarity and more information about tables where necessary.
  • Include a figure legend at the bottom of each table to provide more useful information to readers and draw their attention to the central information, abbreviations and symbols.
  • Ensure to label all schematic diagrams, axes, photographs, curves and data sets in the graph or data plots.
  • Use numbers for figures and capitalize the alphabet ‘F’ when using it in the research paper.
  • In some instance i,t would be okay at the end of a paragraph to write ‘see Figure 12” in parentheses. It gauges the readers mind on what to expect next.
  • Place the figure at the beginning of a paragraph instead of the end. That way the reader must have seen the details and have a mental picture of what to expect before reading the text.

Professional Research Paper Writers Can Help with Presenting Figures in Your Research Paper

Referring to figures and presenting other graphical information in a research paper is not difficult, but it has to be done properly for the readers to be able to read and understand it.

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