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How to Write a Research Paper Step by Step

how to write a research paper step by step

A research paper is simply an academic paper that is written on a unique research topic and its content is based upon original research work under the limitations of the research topic as well as data interpretation and analysis of research findings. In some cases, the research paper is considered as a compressed form of thesis or dissertation that essentially contains all the chapters and parts of the thesis but in the form of headings and subheadings. It is obvious that everyone who is doing the Master or PhD degree program wants to learn “how to write a research paper step by step”. However, compiling the huge research work in a brief but standard format of a research paper is a matter of huge skill and vast experience. Today, the majority of research scholars realize the importance of academic writing services and contact them for paper writing help. A professional research paper service not only helps the clients in terms of writing a good academic paper but also saves their precious time and money.

How You Can Use Sample of Our Research Paper

To remove ambiguity about rules and format of writing a research paper, it is necessary for research scholars to review a good academic research paper example. In this way, they can get guidelines to prepare an outline as well as a draft of their academic research paper. For providing the research paper help, the following is the sample of our research paper. This sample represents the standard structure and format of a research paper that would be acceptable to publish in many famous research journals. Research scholars can use this sample research paper outline for taking the inspiration for writing a research paper. In addition, this example will provide you an informative assignment writing sample on how to write a research paper.

sample research paper outlineacademic research paper example

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The Structure of Professional Research Paper

  • Title & Introduction
  • Title: Analysis of Historical Temperature Record of Selective Cities of California State

Author: David Michael
Institute: University of California
Date of submission: May 23, 2018

  • Abstract: Brief summary of research theory and need of the project. It should not be more than 250 words.
  • Introduction: Analysis of temperature records is used to predict future changes in weather and preventive measures to encounter these changes. The introduction should comprise the background of research work and reason to choose the research topic as well as the importance of this research work in a future perspective. It should not be more than 2 pages.
  • Manuscript Body
  • Literature Review: This section represents the previous research work in a related field as well as a collection of reference sources from reputed research journals that will be used as citations in the research paper.
  • Methodology: This part depicts the names of cities in California State that are selected as a research areas to collect temperature data. Longitude, latitude, and elevation of these locations are also mentioned in this part.
  • Results & Discussion: The findings of temperature records are represented in this part of the research paper in the form of graphs and tables. These findings are discussed in light of previous research work that is relevant to the results of the research experiment.
  • Conclusion: On the basis of all findings of temperature records of California State’s cities, the research work is concluded with the prediction of temperature range during the next decade and suggestions about preventive measures to confront the changes in weather conditions.
  • References

In the last, the references of citations that are used in the research paper are provided in alphabetical order. There are different styles of writing references such as APA, MLA, and Chicago, etc. However, this is the MLA sample paper in which references are written in MLA style.

An Informative Guide on How to Write a Research Paper Step by Step

Following are the guidelines to write a good and informative professional research paper step by step:

 Select a Unique and Challenging Research Topic

The first step to write a good research paper is finding a unique and challenging research topic that would be equally appreciated at all research forums and could be presented in research conferences. Your research topic is the half representation of your effort and devotion to conduct a real research work with the aim of providing genuine but surprising information to the readers. So, don’t be impatient while finding the research topic. One more thing that you should keep in consideration before choosing the research topic is finding the feasibility of conducting the research work within your available resources. It could happen that your research topic will be unique and inspiring but there will be no practical possibility of conducting the related research work. So, be patient and wise while choosing a unique and challenging research topic for your research paper.

 Find Relevant Research Material for Citation

Before start writing a research paper, it is essential to find the relevant research material that you will use as a citation in your research paper to support your ideas and views. This is a very critical matter and any negligence in finding the authentic reference sources could ruin your effort of performing all research work. That’s why; it is always advised to collect and evaluate the reference material for citation before performing the research work. The basic condition of choosing a reference source is its credibility. The best source to choose an internationally recognized research article is Google Scholar. The other reliable sources are considered online encyclopedias such as Britannica and news articles that have been published in reputed newspapers. There is no worth of online information that is available at various websites without having any source.

 Writing the Statement of Research Paper

After preparation of the title page, write the statement of the research paper. This portion should comprise not more than one paragraph. The statement describes the need for the project but in a very brief manner. In simple words, any person who will read only the statement of your research paper should understand the idea behind choosing that particular research topic as well as conducting the relevant research work. A good statement of research work should be written in a convincing and comprehensive manner.

 Preparing an Outline of Research Paper Structure

There is a standard structure of research paper that most of the world-famous academic journals accept for publication. Any deviation in this standard format of a research paper could become a reason behind rejection to become a part of reputed research journals.

 Title and Introduction

 Title page

The first step to start a research paper is preparing its title page. The title page should be drafted in symmetry. Write the title of the research paper at the top center of the page. After this write the name of author or authors but again maintaining the center page settings. Exactly below this, write the name of the institute on behalf of which you are going to submit this research paper. In the bottom, you should write the publication date.


Abstract of a research paper is the summary of the research problem that will be elaborated in a whole research paper. The abstract should not be more than 250 words. It simply defines the problem and source of inspiration to choose that problem as a topic of a research paper.


The aim of writing an introduction is making up the mind of the reader towards the need for this research project. In the introduction, it is tried to convince the reader about the importance of research work by explaining its background, existing problem and expected the solution to overcome the problem. In some research cases, it is also explained in the introduction that what the predicted benefits of this research work are?

 Body of Research Paper

 Literature Review

This part will be easy for you if you have already found the relevant and authentic research material for citation. Just make a collection of all reference sources under the name of “Literature Review”.

 Material and Method

Here you should give complete detail of all materials that you will use in your research work and you also have to prove the use of these materials in your research work with the help of recommendation of some authentic research scholar. Besides this, you have to write the step by step methodology of research work and again you have to support your wordings with some reliable reference.

 Results and Discussion

Now there is a turn of writing the results or findings of your research work that are performed in practice. It is obvious that there will be deviations in the written supporting content and results of actual research work, but you have no need to hire this deviation. In fact, this is the real research work and your actual findings can open a new door for further researchers who are still unaware of these perspectives of concerned research work. The important thing is that you should write the results of your research work in a tabular or graphical form. Furthermore, discuss all your research findings by taking help with research paper of other sources.


In the last, conclude your research work in view of findings of research work and support your views with some relevant but reliable citations.


After writing the conclusion, you have to write the last part of your research paper that is not other than “References” or “Literature Cited”. All the citations that you have included in your research paper must be written in the reference list in alphabetical order. There are different styles of writing references such as APA, MLA, Chicago Manual of style, etc. You have to choose the style according to the recommendation of your instructor or standard style of your institute.

Famous Style of Writing References

There are many styles of writing the references of citations that are included in the research paper, but most famous are APA and MLA manual of style:

  • APA Style Manual: APA style manual is used to write the references of those research journals, books or articles that are related to psychology or other neuroscience studies. APA style was prepared by the American Psychological Association.
  • MLA Style Manual: MLA style manual was introduced by the Modern Language Association (MLA) in 1985. It is commonly used to cite the reference sources of those research articles that are related to liberal arts and humanities. From any online research paper example MLA, you can take complete guidance about how to write MLA sample paper.

Writing a Winning Research Paper: Check List to Follow

After writing the research paper, you should prepare a checklist to examine the quality of your research paper. You can prepare a checklist just like provided in the following lines:

  • Did I write a clear and brief statement of my research paper?
  • Did I take care of the guidelines that I have prepared in my outline?
  • Did I take care of plagiarism?
  • Did I double-check the spelling and grammatical mistakes?
  • Did I write all references in the recommended style?
  • Did I prove my opinion with strong arguments?

professional help with research paper

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