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Picking up a Topic for Your Engineering Research Paper

expert help writing engineering research paper

Engineering Research Paper Writing: Features and Difficulties


  • Topic: Engineering related research topic usually focuses on identifying the relationship between two variables and how to solve a defined problem. But such topics must be narrowed down and manageable.
  • The design: Every research must follow a given methodological pattern. For engineering research it most times require an experimental or testing process. The student must be able to identify the problem and how to resolve such problems systematically. But to do that requires a proper understanding of the structure or research procedure to adopt.
  • Sources: Just like other researchers, engineering research work must rely on related kinds of literature to carry out the research successfully. In using reference materials involves citing the author’s work and writing according to MLA, Chicago or other reference styles.
  • The research study would be usually broken down into three major parts:
    • Introduction: It provides the sub-headings and framework for the research work including problem analysis, research questions, etc.
    • Body: It contains the literature review of related content to the research problem. It also deals with the methodology for data gathering and analysis.
    • Conclusion: It states the summary, findings, and conclusions of the study.


  • Gathering relevant and recent sources could sometimes be a major challenge for research students in engineering.
  • Sorting the sources and materials into different subheadings and been able to relate them to the arguments for or against could be quite hectic for students.
  • Determining the appropriate experimentation to adopt as well as carrying out the experiment could sometimes limit engineering students from doing an excellent engineering project.
  • Delay in analysing results for a practical-based research might result in obsolete data or findings due to rapid technological changes in the field of engineering.
  • Poor knowledge on how to relate the research hypothesis with the study or experimental process.

Topic selection is one of the most difficult tasks in engineering research paper writing. This is mostly due to the fact that majority of students have more than one favorite topic and so they doubt which one to choose for their assignment. Professional Research Paper Writers know about this issue and so we decided to provide you with some great engineering topics, as well as professional research paper example MLA from which you can choose.

Whatever Topic You Choose for Your Research Paper, You Should Ensure That You Include the Following:

  • Provide a short introduction to the problem that currently exists and how your research and analysis will provide a solution
  • Explain any technological challenges that could be encountered
  • Give an overview of the technology that is currently available
  • Discuss the technology that will need to emerge to make your solution possible
  • Discuss the future prospects of the technology

Professional Research Paper Writers Offer Some Great Engineering Topic Ideas

According to Professional Research Paper Writers, one of the topics that deserve attention is on conceptual design. For example, you can investigate some interesting process like manufacturing a new drug and redesign it for it to be less laborious or cheaper, etc. Also, Professional Research Paper Writers think that you can write a paper on current theories.

Of course, there are many interesting theories which you might want to look into a little deeper, so this is your chance. Discuss current theories in the field of study or find a theory or a process to be interesting and examine it in greater detail. Here you might want to look into origins, applications, strengths and weaknesses of a particular theory, or compare and contrast two theories, and decide which one is stronger or more relevant.

Do You Need Help Finding a Topic for Your Engineering Research Paper?

We provide assistance to engineering students who are struggling with finding the right topic for a research paper. We know how difficult it is to narrow down a topic so that the title you choose is one that you can manage to research and write in the normal number of pages that are usually involved in such a document for one of your courses.

Here is a list of possible topics that might get you thinking about something that interests you:

  • The use of acoustics in running motors and appliances
  • Using composite materials in bridge construction
  • How to build structures that will withstand the force of earthquakes
  • High speed communication designs that will drastically reduce the noise levels
  • Micro-sensors that would effectively improve how oil flows through pipes
  • Knowledge representation and reasoning
  • Math theory of computation
  • Probabilistic methods and game theoretic methods
  • Robotics, vision and physical modeling
  • Agile engineering methods for distributed dependable systems

Click on the picture to DOWNLOAD the full list of 100 best engineering research paper topics!

engineering research paper topics

More Help in Engineering from Professional Research Paper Writers

Another great topic for your engineering research paper, according to Professional Research Paper Writers, is on theoretical/experimental considerations. Here you can write about some sampling or measurement technique and you will do great. Practical applications research paper, however, is one of the most preferred among professors. Discuss a way to apply some theory or a concept in a real-life situation and you will get a good grade on it.

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  • Relevant references: We only make use of current and verifiable works of literature with reference links that have relevance to your research needs. This action is one that differentiates us from the lot out there.
  • Exceptional editing and formatting experience: With such proficiency, eyes for details and clear understanding of research paper writing needs, we check your paper thoroughly for errors, grammatical errors, misspelling and order style issues. Once fully edited, we proofread and format your paper to the required standard to help stand you out of the crowd.

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