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I forgot about the due date of a research paper, so I got only 3 days to write it. Imagine my surprise when I turned to ProfessionalResearch and they told me not to worry about it as they will get it done right on schedule. I am grateful for your assistance and pleased with the overall quality of a research paper consultancy. Thank you very much!

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Sources to Avoid While Writing Your Research

research paper sources writing guide

When getting to write a research paper, students try to do everything possible to make it look reliable and trustworthy. Professional Research Paper Writers think that this can be achieved only if students will use reliable sources of information, but what sources are reliable and which ones should be avoided? – Professional Research Paper Writers are going to tell you that.

Professional Research Paper Writers Tell about Sources of Information That Should Be Avoided

According to Professional Research Paper Writers, reliable sources of literature can greatly improve overall quality of your research paper, so before getting to research and write a paper, you should locate these reliable sources and use them. However, you should also know what sources of information to avoid. A great place to start looking for information is your university or college library because it contains only reliable sources. On contrary, one of the last places you should turn to when looking for relevant information regarding your research paper is Internet. It sounds strange to some students, but Internet contains many hoax sources of information that can’t be checked and can’t be trusted, but due to their availability many students use them in their research paper, and, as a result, get lower grades.

Where to Find Reliable Sources of Information?

Finding reliable sources for research paper could be a herculean task. The nature or context and currency of research paper sources can be a major determinant of the quality of the paper itself. Hence it is vital to note the sources for a research paper. They include:

  • Library: Most cases the sections relating to your discipline could be a good place to start in finding sources for a research paper.
  • Scholastic materials: Look out for books, peer-reviewed journals online, in the library and organizations to get materials for specific fields for research paper sources. E.g.: Lexis Nexis, Infotrac and EBSCO.
  • Newspaper and magazines: Read the pages of newspapers or magazines for news, discussions or articles relating to your topic. E.g.: Time, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, etc.
  • Specialized or professional pages: You can get reliable sources for a research paper on discipline-specific sites or outfits, trade unions, and professional associations. For instance, the American Psychological Association can have information on psychology-related topics. American Dermatological Association, W.H.O, etc. can have useful information about skin or health-related topics.
  • Online search: Carrying out a simple online search using Google, Yahoo or other popular or search engines might show you some reliable information. It could give you the basic understanding of the research paper and possible sources to look out for. Other times, you could opt for niche specific sites with reliable and verifiable information on your research paper. Encyclopaedia Britannica and could be helpful. For Wikipedia, not all sources could be relied upon.

How Many Sources Should Be Used in a Research Paper?

To decide on the number of research paper sources to cite could be crucial to doing a well-research work. Having too little sources could make the work too lean and less authoritative. Having too many sources could make it impossible to go in-depth in citing and explaining the relevance of each source for a research paper. After deciding on the research topic and checking for availability of sources the next step would be to find the sources to use, so how many should that be?

Conditions to determine the number of sources for a research paper:

  • Institution: Some academic institution would specify the appropriate number to use. So check the instruction or guide first.
  • Number of pages: The number of pages can guide you on the number of research paper sources to use. If for instance you intend writing about 10-15 pages of research paper then six to eight sources should be appropriate.
  • Word count: Some research papers come with specific word count limit. To determine the number of sources for research paper, therefore, divide the total number of word count by 0.5% to get the number of sources to use. For instance, 0.5% of 4,000-word count would be 20. Therefore, you can use about 20 sources for a research paper.

How to Cite Sources for A Research Paper: With Examples

After finding sources for a research paper understanding how to cite them becomes necessary. It helps other researchers locate those materials and then give credence to your work.

To Cite a Book

For a book you need to include:

  •    Place and date (year) of publication
  •    Publisher
  •    Title of book
  •    Name of author (s)


John, Steve I. Crypto-currency emergence as a disruption to the financial systems worldwide. New York: Standard Publishing Company, 2018.

To Cite Journals

All journals, articles and magazine content could be cited in a similar manner different from a book to include:

  •    Title of article and journal
  •    Volume number
  •    Page numbers


Andrew, Woods. Understanding behavioral patterns in humans. Social Science Journals 121 (2018): 356-467.

Citing Other Written Sources

Research paper sources for collection of works and anthology such as articles, essay, poem, story, etc. could be cited to include:

  •    Title of article and book
  •    Publisher
  •    Place of publication
  •    Number of pages


Loughran, James N. “Creating my ideal world”. The Value of Peace: Essay on Peace of Conflict Resolution. Ed. Winston Charles. New York: Ford UP, 2018. 45-51.

Citing Online Sources

To cite reliable sources for research paper you need to retrieve information about the URL. The URL is what makes online sources different from normally published works.


Steven, Siegel (2018). Crypto-currency emergence as a disruption to the financial systems worldwide. Journal for Financial Analysis, 10, 120-129. Retrieved March 29, 2018, from

Format for Citation

You need to present your citations using the appropriate format as well. You can find out from your professor to know the appropriate style for your institution. Some of the popular different style includes:

 Modern Language Association (MLA): 

Example: John, Steve and Andrew Thomas. Crypto-currency Emergence as a Disruption to the Financial Systems Worldwide. New York: Standard Publishing Company, 2018.

 American Psychological Association (APA):

Example: John, S & Andrew, T. (2018) Crypto-currency Emergence as a Disruption to the Financial Systems Worldwide. New York: Standard Publishing Company.

 The Chicago Manual of Style

Example: John, Steve and Andrew Thomas. Crypto-currency Emergence as a Disruption to the Financial Systems Worldwide. New York: Standard Publishing Company, 2018.

Professional Research Paper Writers Can Help Locating Relevant Sources of Information

Instead of telling what sources to avoid, Professional Research Paper Writers would like to tell you what sources to search for information and this will give you a good idea about sources you should avoid. So, Professional Research Paper Writers think that you should use books, peer reviewed journals, newspapers and other primary sources of info like theses, dissertation, etc.

  • Advice on the number of sources: Our team of writers possesses prerequisite experience as well as advanced academic qualifications with relevance to your discipline. That makes us the number 1 place to stop to get accurate information on the number of sources to use when finding sources for a research paper.
  • Supply of the of sources: When it comes to locating the appropriate sources for your research paper you should have no problem working with us. With our team of professional writers, we can easily identify and provide reliable sources for research paper.
  • Present Sources in appropriate style and format: We do not only know the number or how to source for authoritative literature but we can guarantee using the right format for your institution always.

Turn to Professional Research Paper Writers for help and we will supply you with all necessary sources of information!

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