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The Difference between Thesis and Hypothesis Statement from Professional Research Paper Writers

hypothesis vs thesis writing guide

Many students come across such terms as thesis statement and hypothesis statement, and use these terms interchangeably when writing their research paper. Professional Research Paper Writers think that this is wrong and offer explanation of these two terms, so students could use them correctly in how to write a research paper step by step process.

Professional Research Paper Writers Tell about the Difference Between Thesis and Hypothesis Statements

  • So, what is thesis statement and what is hypothesis statement? When you are writing a research paper, you will have to formulate a central thesis statement which you will try to prove or disprove in your paper. It can be anything – some theory, problem, hypothesis, issue, statement, etc and you can take any position regarding it and try to either prove your point of view or disprove. The thesis statement involves a formal summarized sentence on the central claims of a research paper. A thesis statement could be used for mixed methods, quantitative and qualitative research.

  • On contrary, hypothesis statement is a certain statement which you can either prove or disprove and it is limited. So, a hypothesis can be a part of your body of evidence when trying to prove or disprove a central thesis statement. As you can see the difference between these two terms is quite substantial, so Professional Research Paper Writers think that you shouldn’t use them interchangeably.

Hypothesis refers to an intelligent and well-thought of proposition, prediction, guess or supposition that help guide the researcher’s attempt to answer the research questions at last. You use the hypothesis at the starting point of a research where the need to explain the relationship between two variables under study. With the hypothesis, your research problem and objective becomes clearer and helps point the research towards final outcomes.

Main Requirements for a Hypothesis:

The hypothesis would be more applicable to for quantitative research. It should come at the introductory chapter of the research paper. The focus of the hypothesis is to aid verification of a proposed idea or summation. It must be on a specific concept and easy to understand and share some relationships with existing knowledge. A good hypothesis should make it possible to draw conclusions from the results as well as give direction to the study.

Main Requirements for a Thesis Statement:

  • In a situation where the thesis statement requires the need to prove or disprove them, you would have is a hypothesis statement in the report. When a statement depicts the objectives or point of view of the researcher then what you have is a thesis statement.
  • A thesis statement should be concise and precise and depicts the researcher’s intentions. The thesis statement could be developed and explained in the main body of your research paper.
  • It could be found at the introduction as well as in the body of the study. At the body, the thesis could be developed using pieces of evidence and examples.
  • However, hypothesis and thesis statement could be used interchangeably in some disciplines. But what they use both for is actually for a thesis statement since what it contains is a summary sentence with the main points of the research.

Difference between Thesis and Hypothesis Statement

Thesis Statement Hypothesis Statement
The difference between hypothesis and thesis is that a thesis is a sentence with the central idea or statement reflecting what the study is about It is a sentence that helps create the null, void or alternative statement in a research
For thesis vs hypothesis, thesis sets the tone for the work For hypothesis vs thesis is that hypothesis helps justify, uphold or dispute the central idea or thesis statement
It could take the form of a theory, statement or problem They specifically help the researcher prove or disprove any idea
It could cover a broader idea It is usually specific and limited to the central idea
It is a summary of a direct sentence of the central idea of a research paper It focuses on predicting outcomes between two or more variables in a research paper
It could be further developed or expatiated in the body of the research work It is a specific statement that needs to be proved or disproved at a specific time in the course of the research paper
You need a thesis statement to create a framework for the research paper You require a hypothesis statement mostly if you need to prove or disprove the thesis statement
It consists of a framework for studying or modeling concept It must be specific and testable
It is a logical and factual position you take in the course of a paper It is a postulation, proposition you advance in the course of carrying out a study
A summarized sentence on the central theme of the research paper It must have the dependent and independent variable
It allows the researcher take a position It helps the researcher prove or disprove the phenomenon
Every research needs to have a thesis statement It is usually used for experimental research
Could be found in mixed, quantitative and qualitative research It could be found in quantitative researh
It presents a current premise or argument It is drawn from an existing body of knowledge
It can give credence or explain the hypothesis It usually makes use of an informed guess
It could be found at the beginning of a research paper It usually exists in the later pages of the beginning chapter
It sets the stage to understand the researcher’s position on a study It leads to more investigation
With the thesis statement, the body of the research work can further explore the idea raised at the beginning The hypothesis makes it easy to draw and analyse data

However, there is a thesis statement and then the thesis. And the difference between thesis and thesis statement is that the thesis statement refers to a summary statement not usually more than a single sentence. It tries to create a premise or central idea for the research work and contained at the beginning of the research paper. On the other hand, a thesis refers to the entire research work from chapters one to the last chapter usually written as part of the requirement for the award of an undergraduate or graduate program.

Difficulties Writing a Thesis and Hypothesis for a Research Paper

  • Getting started with a thesis statement: Though the thesis statement is a single summarized sentence it could be quite challenging for most students. Writing the thesis statement creates panic because it needs to be concise and precise to capture the key components of the research paper. It should be written in such a way that it could generate discussions later on within the work while not leaving out the central idea within the statement.
  • Getting started with the hypothesis: Since you need to present at least two points in the hypothesis which includes the null, void and alternative hypothesis it makes writing the hypothesis critical to the success of the research work. To do a thorough job of writing the hypothesis one must have gone through the thesis statement to have a clear understanding of where the research leads.
  • So much for so little. Thesis Statement: To do a good work writing the thesis statement one must read through the volume of literature materials on the research topic. Since the statement summarises the main idea of the work to identify and present the researchers’ argument on the research work, it would mean investing an appreciable amount of hours studying literature for the research work before writing the statement.
  • The technicality in dealing with data. Hypothesis: The hypothesis must relate to the thesis statement or research questions. The hypothesis must be so structured as to make it easy to draft questions for data gathering and analysis. It could sometimes be a major challenge for students to understand how to come up with a relevant hypothetical question.
  • Reference backing: To some research students understanding how to use reference materials and avoid plagiarism could be a challenge when writing the thesis statement. Since the thesis statement does not stand alone but as other pages and chapters of the research paper can help develop contents relating to the same topic the student need to provide reference materials to back every argument in a bid to prove or disprove any phenomenon.

Expert Advice on Writing a Thesis

  • You need to read a lot of relevant library materials before commencing your research or writing the thesis statement.
  • Create an outline for every key heading and for each chapter to place the information gathered.
  •  Take note of references for the literature used in the course of writing the thesis statement as it would be required for writing further the other aspects of the research work.
  • Start off with a draft to see what you have written. It doesn’t need to be perfect from the start but improved as you go on.
  • Check for error in grammar, spelling and more.
  • Get a second person go through for clarity. You can get professional help to write an exceptional thesis statement.

thesis vs hypothesis expert writing advice

Expert Advice on Writing a Hypothesis

  • Check online for relevant samples or similar research work as your to guide your attempt at writing a hypothesis.
  • Read through a series of related kinds of literature to get on track.
  • Your hypothesis must:
    • Be testable
    • Be precise and concise without being vague
    • Align with the thesis statement to prove and disprove
    • Have a clear picture of the problem you intend providing an answer to before writing the hypothesis
    • You must identify and state clearly the relationship between each variable in your hypothesis; the dependent and independent variable.
    • Your hypothesis should make it possible to carry out an experiment successfully.
    • Ensure your hypothesis provides the answer to a specific statement and requires a specific experiment to solve.

Professional Research Paper Writers Offer Assistance with Research Paper Writing

Professional Research Paper Writers think that if you are writing a research paper, you should formulate a central thesis statement and try to prove it. However, if you are discussing certain hypothesis, then you can either agree or disagree with it and also supply your point of view with the body of proof. If you are confused or have some doubts, feel free to contact Professional Research Paper Writers and we will explain everything to you or will deal with your paper. Don’t wait for the deadline – turn to professionals and you will get a high grade on your research paper.

Professional Research Paper Writers Can Help You to Complete a Research Paper on Time

Whatever topic you will choose, don’t forget that Professional Research Paper Writers are always eager to help. We can do everything for you from choosing a topic and all the way to pre-publishing your research paper. If you don’t feel like writing it yourself – turn to Professional Research Paper Writers and we will take very good care of your paper, guaranteed.

Follow this useful guide on hypothesis vs thesis, provide us with the details of your project and we will help you to create a 100% original paper that will get you a high grade!

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