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What Do Professional Research Paper Writers Think on Generalization in Your Research Paper?

generalization in research paper guide

Professional Research Paper Writers agree that research paper writing is a daunting and time consuming task that also requires certain level of knowledge and writing skills. So, we decided to provide some information about successful research paper writing and use of generalizations (whether they are appropriate or not).

Professional Research Paper Writers Information on Generalization

Professional Research Paper Writers agree that there is no simple answer to the question about generalizations usage due to the fact that research topics differ, thus in some instances it is necessary to recollect and generalize your findings in order to make the paper clear and understandable to the readers, while in other instances, generalizations should be avoided as you are expected to provide evidence about something and prove your point.

However, Professional Research Paper Writers agree that in most cases, generalization is good, because it helps to gather all your findings and generalize them. In other words, you can discuss your findings in terms of whether they differ from what you were expecting, or they are the same as you thought they would be. Generalization is a foundational element of human reasoning and logic, thus it is the essential basis of all valid deductive inferences.

What Is Generalization in a Research Paper?

Generalization could be defined as the process of reaching a general conclusion based on the study or observation of a specific populace to come up with a valid conclusion. It is used in the course of quantitative and qualitative research as a basis for reasoning. When employed in a research process, generalization helps in making inferences broadly in making an observation. It works well with quantitative than in qualitative research. You could, for instance, come to a generalization about a larger population using a smaller population or sample as a representation of the larger one.

Generalization provides the basis for the formulation of theories leading to its applications which again is the pivot of science. To test an entire population is not possible in most cases; therefore, an ideal sample becomes the escape route for making a generalization. Thus, the size, timing and sample help to make for a valid generalization.

Three models to follow:

  • Statistical generalization: It borders on making an inference using the results derived from a sampled population as a basis for generalization on the whole population.
  • Analytic generalization: Also known as theoretical elaboration and deals with a generalization arrived at on the basis of trying to sever the link between findings of a specific case study related to a model or concept.
  • Transferability generalization: It is applicable at various levels to most research types. It could be isolated for the purpose of application where instead of a broad claim a specific person could be invited to test a research process by applying certain aspects of a study to their real life or work experience to ascertain the outcomes.

In conclusion and in simple terms, a generalization is an idea or broad statement that could be applied to a group whether true or not. From the above point of view, generalization could be stereotyped as well. For instance, every salesman must lie to make a sale.

Is Generalization Important or Necessary in Research?

The alternative to making a generalizable statement would be to do a test on the entire population to be studied and that in reality might not be feasible. Thus generalization helps in taking a specific portion of the entire population which is usually referred to as a sample of the population and then carries out a study on that segment of the population. The result or outcome derived from the sample could, therefore, be used to make a generalization on the whole.

However, the make a valid and reliable argument for generalization three things must be measured accurately and they are; timing, sample, and size:

  • Timing: To make a generalization, the timing could make a difference in the outcome of a research sample of the same population.
  • Sample: The composition and randomness of a sample could be instrumental in the outcome of the research when making a generalization. A poorly constituted sample can skew the study wrong.
  • Size: Sometimes the size of the population studied could either skew the outcome of a research in favour or against the intended outcome. The size of the population sampled could determine whether or not the study is representative enough.

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What Is the Aim of Generalization? To What Statements Do We Want to Generalize?

The purpose of generalization includes:

  • To help in managing the study by using a representative enough sample.
  • To provide a basis for explaining and understanding causes and effects in humans and other things within the environment.
  • It helps lead to the creation of theories, models, and concepts.
  • It provides a basis to disprove or approve theories and models.
  • To help find answers to societal problems.
  • To create manageable outcomes for improving situations within the society.
  • It helps in understanding how patterns occur and ways to check or manage them.
  • To arrive at a valid conclusion.
  • It helps to increase the available body of knowledge and create room for further research.

Statement to make generalization:

  • Assumptions: Assumptions refer to perspectives held by individuals. It could also be postulations and therefore form the basis for generalization.
  • Valid arguments: For arguments that have been tested maybe through different methods of research, a generalization could occur.
  • Stereotypes: Patterns or traits observed or noticed within a smaller population could in some situations result in stereotyping the larger population as possessing the likelihood of exhibiting the same trait.
  • Facts: The tested and verified information provides a basis for generalization.

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