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Prewriting Stage of Research Paper Writing

prewriting stage of research paper writing help

Stages of Research Paper Writing

Research writing involves a systematic process aimed at finding answers to a given problem. Stages of achieving successful research writing:

  • Identifying a research topic: To commence research writing you need to have a problem in mind to create a topic out of. From a list of three to five problems narrow-down to create three topics.
  • Gathering research materials: You need to consult journals, books articles and other reliable sources to gather research materials. Such literature must be relevant to the topic under study.
  • Creating an outline: Create a structure or sequence for your research work. Going through all available research materials break down the chapters and create central themes, arguments for and against for your study.
  • Writing the introduction: Your introduction needs to be strong and reflect the subject and main argument. It should give a filler of the gap noticed, the current state of things and what the expectation should be for the research.
  • Writing the main body: The main body should discuss in details all the key areas of focus for the study. It should present an argument, the different authoritative sources on which the research revolves around. The main body must organize each body of evidence and present them both for and against but in an orderly manner.
  • Writing the conclusion: In the conclusion, you should outline the main points and focus of the study. The conclusion should help you identify the key arguments involving the study. It should help summarize the study stating the necessary findings.
  • Editing, proofreading, and formatting: The work cannot be complete without thorough editing to remove unwanted or grey materials. Get professional help to edit your content for better quality. Use online plagiarism, grammar, and spelling checker to improve the quality of the work. Find out the guidelines on how to format the research paper and format to font size, character, margins, line spacing, etc.

Different Prewriting Strategies of Research Paper Writing You Should Know About

When conducting a research the whole process starts before the actual writing begins. To do a good job a lot of work goes into the preparation process and before the final writing commence. And that’s where prewriting comes into the picture:

Prewriting deals with all the activities that have to take place before the actual writing commences. It could take any form. From scribbling something on a piece of paper to think of what to write and how to structure them, prewriting takes any form that suits the researcher before the main work.

  • Brainstorming: Brainstorming borders on critical reasoning. It is an attempt to find out all that should be required in achieving an excellent research paper. During brainstorming sessions, a lot of questions go through the mind of the researcher like a whirlwind and begging for answers. To be effective at brainstorming the researcher allows the mind to roam without restrictions, no censorship whatsoever.
  • Clustering: It is also known as mind-mapping. A successful brainstorming session should usually result in the need to compartmentalize all the information sourced from the area of relevance. Since the research paper needs to be in sequence, each data or information received has to be grouped based on their relevant themes. Clustering helps the researcher re-arrange all thoughts into their areas of relevance visually.
  • Free Writing: Some person waits till they get a perfect idea before they can commence writing hence it takes them forever. Others gather good enough information and start putting some information together. In most cases with research writing, you do not get it off right from the first time. Further reviews, rewriting and more helps to create a near perfect research paper with little or minimal flaws. Freewriting should be such that the researcher puts down on paper everything and anything that gets into the head without restrictions or censorship.
  • Journalistic approach: The journalistic approach helps in asking all the pertinent questions when you try to solve a problem. An acronym for these questions is the 5 Ws and H; meaning Who, What, Where, When, Why and How. 
  • Drawing: For some persons, it is a lot easier to paint a mental picture of what they want to do and that helps creativity.
  • Question-asking: Similar to the journalistic approach, asking as many questions as possible but with relevance to your research problem can make a difference. Allow your thoughts to flow freely.
  • Outlining: The use of outlining may not come as the first step in the prewriting stage because it would require having done some background work first. For outlining the researcher create a rough sketch of all that needs to be written and placing them into group dos themes, ideas, arguments, etc.

Professional Research Paper Writers Describe Importance of Prewriting Stage

Professional Research Paper Writers think that prewriting stage of research paper writing process is the key to success. It helps the writers to open their mind on the chosen topic and decreases anxiety of organizing necessary evidence and research data. Professional Research Paper Writers know about the importance of prewriting stage and would like to share their knowledge with you.

According to Professional Research Paper Writers, on prewriting stage the author can generate ideas and information regarding the chosen topic. It is also referred to as creative stage because during this stage author talks to researchers and instructors and reads literature in order to develop some authentic arguments and generate unique ideas as well as collect information and organize it.

Prewriting stage starts with the author defining the purpose of writing. After that the writer should generate different ideas on the topic by means of brainstorming, free writing and/or clustering. Also, during prewriting stage author has to analyze the audience in order to focus on its needs and interests. Based on the obtained information and ideas the author should produce a systematic outline and develop a rough draft of the research paper.

tips on prewriting stage in research paper

Expert Advice on Prewriting Stage of Research Paper Writing

Prewriting helps the researcher look critically at a work before commencement. Most times the number of minutes or hours spent at the prewriting stage can save more time wasted trying to make sense out of a poorly and hurriedly written research paper. So to get the best of prewriting:

  • Allow yourself some fresh air: The temptation to set off writing the research paper could be so daunting especially when the deadline seems so close. Allowing yourself a bit of fresh air occasionally can help restore your creativity to write.
  • Strategize: A well-researched paper does not just happen but requires careful study and adequate planning to achieve meaningful success. To be successful in writing, you can create timelines or with a series of milestones to achieve first.
  • Critical Thinking: You need to ruminate your ideas in the head before putting them to good use. Carrying out a brainstorming session, surfing the internet for ideas and just doing anything that looks like trying to get ideas, all help to give you the best paper.
  • Research: Take some time to look out for what’s available in books and online sources that have to do with your paper. Searching for readily available information on your topic allows you to create boundaries in writing finally or even creating the best outline.
  • Outline: Creating a rough idea of your writing needs on paper in an outline format can help you see the bigger picture and know what do immediately.
  • Rest a while: You might have the perfect outline thinking you are ready to commence writing the main research work already but no, take time off to relax first.

Professional Research Paper Writers Can Help with Prewriting and Other Stages

Professional Research Paper Writers agree that there are different prewriting strategies like brainstorming, particle, clustering, free writing, etc. Unique ideas that are being generated with the help of these strategies are not organized, so after coming up with enough of them, it is necessary for the author to organize them in a logical manner.

  • Enjoy comfort while you study: No need to worry about the whole process. Our team of professional research writers will take the stress off you from the scratch. Let’s do the thinking for you, even from the prewriting stages while you concentrate on your studies. And what you get is an exceptional research paper.
  • From the start: Beginning from deciding what topic or nature of the problem to investigate we can offer first-hand help with developing the right topic till it is fully written and delivered.
  • Custom-made papers: Instead of having to deal with spurned content online, we do not even know what that looks like because we only deliver 100% original content. That makes all the research paper writing help you get from us custom-made and unique to you only.
  • Editing, proofreading, and formattingIn the case you have written your research paper already or at a particular stage in the process, then let’s help be that second eye to eliminate does error with spelling, grammar, proofread and finally format your work to that of a Pro. Do not leave anything to chance with your research work but rely on our expertise to get things resolved uniquely to stand out.

Professional Research Paper Writers can help with prewriting, writing and editing stages of the process, so if you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will help!

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