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How Professional Research Paper Writers Write about Cinematography

One will doubt whether watching a movie is as fascinating as shooting a film, but nobody will deny that research paper writing on filmmaking is a bit more complicated than going to the cinema. It may sound boastfully and may seem unbelievable, but for our professional research paper writers  research papers writing on cinematography and movie history can be as captured as watching a new blockbuster with Vin Diesel. Here are some research paper ideas on Hollywood remakes of Korean films failure at box office , which one of our professional research paper writers sketched:

Hollywood studios, inspired by the examples of Tom Cruise, Bill Murray and the samurai adventures of Uma Thurman, began to conquer the Asian topics and the problems of translation didn’t scare them.

American studios have a lot of advantages but also they have a lot of limitations. As mark professional research paper writer, they have to act cautiously to avoid audience hostility when the remake of their favourite films appears in the city theatre. But in case of Asian films only the small percentage of audience, at least in the USA, know anything about the original film. The American culture is quite special and it explains why the majority of films which attracts attention of the US audience are the outright comedies and horrors the plot of which can be put in 25 or less words.

Research paper can highlight, for example, that fact that to make a remake of “Damnation” the producers invited Takasi Sidzima, the author of original film and asked him to repeat some great and frightening episodes. But at the same time they hired an American screenwriter to transform “dancing” atmosphere of original movie into something more traditional and more “American”.

Professional Research Paper Writers suggest you to pay attention to the present time situation. Nowadays the American remakes of Asian movies is a very profitable business. Since “The Ring” got a great success, the managers of all Hollywood studios rushed to buy rights for remakes production. But they forgot that to get a success and great profit they need something more than original film and American actors.

In 2009 we have the same situation with “The Uninvited” – an American and Canadian horror movie. “The most frightened film since “The Ring”. Beauty. Fear. Poetry. Horror. Purity – written the critics in the magazines and Internet.” But all these words are about “The History of Two Sisters”, a Korean original movie. And by the way, one can mention in a research paper that “The Story…” is one of the most successful Korean horrors.

Have the spectators reviewed the American remake in the same way? Has it become a box-office hit?  Professional Research Paper Writers can’t say so.

The movie fits perfectly into the American cinema context being something between “The Sixth Sense” and “The Game”. But in the case of “The Uninvited” the ending is almost the only advantage of the movie, while, as research paper writers think, the Korean movie was good not only in the ending but also in specific “schizo” atmosphere, which is still not understandable to Western producers.

As underline Professional Research Paper Writers, the necessity in original movies adaptation to the American cinema markets destroys all individuality and peculiarity of the Korean movie and makes it impossible for a remake to become successful in box-office terms.

And where is the way out? Professional Research Paper Writers see it in changing the American film makers’ approach to remakes in a way to leave the original atmosphere untouchable. Can they do this? What is done in this direction? All these answers Professional Research Paper Writers are trying to investigate in the research paper and find the reasons of failures and the ways for improvement.

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