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Professional Research Paper Writers Deal with Europeanization of Immigrant Integration Policies

Have you ever considered Europeanization as an influencing factor of the speeded immigration movement? And by the way it can be a great topic for research paper! Professional Research Paper Writers know that better than no other! For example, such research paper topic as  Europeanization of immigrant integration policies has a number of aspects to study and a lot of available  sources to analyse. Just take a glance on how deal with this research paper our team.

Maybe, Professional Research Paper Writers won’t disclose to you something new when they state that Europeanization refers to a number of related phenomena and patterns of change like the process in which a non-European subject (a language, a culture or a nation) adopts a number of European features, but it also refers to the growth of a European continental identity over and above national identities. Besides that, analysed by research paper writers sources indicate that Europeanization may also refer to the process through which European Union political and economic dynamics become part of the national politics and policy-making.

Considering some literature sources Professional Research Paper Writers noticed that in political science Europeanization refers to ‘becoming more European like’. Ladrech (1994, 69) gave a top-down definition stating that Europeanization is ‘an incremental process of re-orienting the direction and shape of politics to the extent that EC political and economic dynamics become part of the organizational logic of national politics and policy making.’ Thus, Europeanization in research paper can be also viewed as a European integration, which is the process of political, economic, legal, and even cultural integration of states and countries fully or partially into the European Union.

As a part of Europeanization, migration of individuals from one country or region to another for a variety of reasons is an inevitable process. Professional Research Paper Writers think that due to the fact that this phenomenon has recent nature and has not been studied well, little is known on how and to what extent it has influenced national migration policies. The European Migration Network which has been created to deal with this issue developed a network of National Contact Points designated by the Member States and the European Commission.

The National Contact Point (NCP), as Professional Research Paper Writers have found out, is an entity responsible for the promotion of the Guidelines on a national level as well as handles all enquiries and matters related to the Guidelines in that specific country, including investigating complaints about a company operating in, or headquartered in that country. In your research paper you can mention that the National Contact Point provides the country reports related to migration and asylum, creates and develops a national migration network involving partners, organizations and persons from a wide range actively operating in the migration and asylum area and relevant interested parts are represented.

Professional Research Paper Writers believe that the existing NCP systems in Member States and Associated Countries show a wide variety of architectures and a number of very different actors, from ministries to universities, research centers and special agencies to private consulting companies. The unifying element of different NCP systems is the capability of ensuring both competence in the different thematic and horizontal priorities of the Framework Programme as well as coherence of approach and high level of service.

It is proposed that the general approach of establishing, financing, nominating, supervising and monitoring NCP systems by national governments be maintained, while the Commission service provides the necessary information and training and acts as moderator for the transnational networking. Professional Research Paper Writers are convinced that liaison between the NCP systems by transnational activities will be an important element in harmonizing quality of service, at the same time contributing to the realization of the European Research Area.

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